Casa da Torre is an example of the Minho Region typical splendour.

The property of a peculiar design, all constructed in granite it's a reference item in several books and articles about the built up patrimony of this region, and in this building is involved a whole patrimonial and family history.  


Its origins remote back to the medieval age, being later reconstructed in the 18th century.
Remaining in the same family to several generations, the present hosts are a young couple, Teresa and Miguel, the previous owner's grandchildren.


With time it has suffered several restoration interventions to obtain more comfort, well-being and modernity, however always preserving the house's original architectonic traces and beauty.

Located in a stunning place, where the Minho fields exhibit their green preciousness, in there are implanted the porch and the threshing floor, which long ago were used to dry cereal and also a big and gorgeous granary, where the same cereal, mainly maize, were then stored.